Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello from Jean!

Many thanks Alexis for organizing this. Actually, this is my first time using a blog so thanks for encouraging me to try it.
I have been reading and enjoying many folktales since returning from our workshop. Peace Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald has many stories that may lend themselves to the kind of work I do. I think I'll start with a simple tale like Two Goats on the Bridge. I liked Reverend Joanne's suggestion to start with small, simple stories and help the students grow in their skills in listening/imagining. I also bought a book called The Cow with No Color/Riddle Stories and Justice Tales from Around the World (Nina Jaffe and Steve Zeitlin). Theresa- thought you'd be interested in checking out this book for your unit on Justice.

Other than reading wonderful stories, I have been busy taking care of errands and people. I am trying to remember to play more, and leave time for nothing but silliness.

Is anyone planning to go to the NJ Storytelling Festival on Sept. 28 in Hamilton NJ? I think I will be there.
Take care, friends. I miss you and our group.

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