Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Everyone from Theresa

Isn't it fabulous that the Princess Alexis is hosting an online party for all of us.
All is well here in Jersey City. The countdown to BTS ( Back to School for the uninitiated)has begun. I am already having the teacher's nightmare three weeks too early. You know the scenario: you don't know where the classroom is, you are late, the kids are hostile and uncooperative. you have no material and no idea of what you are supposed to teach! The horror.
I have the great pleasure of having Loretta over to my house for three days in mid August. We are planning a pajama party so if you all want to come, feel free! We are going to put the P in party and the fun in Disfunctional.

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Mary said...

Wish I could come to the PJ party!
Unfortunately, my be where I choose days are pretty much over for now. Monday will find me changing a certain room into a fabulous place to learn. Isn't there some kind of magic wand I could use for this sort of thing?